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New Release: Days, Months, Years

Days, Months, Years Album


Days, Months, Years

The latest release from The Mark Zaleski Band featuring Mark on Saxophone and Bass.
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The Mark Zaleski Band Album Cover

The Mark Zaleski Band

The self-titled Mark Zaleski Band album includes music that mixes straight ahead modern jazz with a rock flare.  Many of the tracks include non-standard time signatures, but the music is performed in a way that is audience accessible, singable, and danceable.  Some classic standard MZB jams are featured on this recording like “The Moon” and “They Told Each Other Sweet Lies and Danced”.

Duet Suite Album Cover

Duet Suite

A collection of jazz standards connected by 4 improvisations based on a Glenn Zaleski original tune result in the Duet Suite. Much care was put into the interpretation of each standard melody, and solos are not long-winded. The impressive flow of this record from start to finish makes for a wonderful listening experience that can only be captured by two siblings that have watched each other grow from the very start of it all.