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Days, Months, Years Album


Days, Months, Years

The latest release from The Mark Zaleski Band featuring Mark on Saxophone and Bass.

Soprano solo from “Katie’s Song”

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The Mark Zaleski Band

Date City Venue
Feb 8 Stockton, CA Take 5 Jazz Club
I’m absolutely honored to be invited back to my alma mater, The Dave Brubeck Institute at University of the Pacific, to perform with the current Brubeck Institute fellows. BI draws some of the finest young talent in the world, I can’t wait to play my music with them!
Time: 7:00pm  Venue phone: (209) 464-2739  Address: 157 W. Adams St.

Planet Radio

Date City Venue
Dec 1 Beverly, MA Chianti
Always a pleasure to play at the place where everything began for Planet Radio. These regular events (we play here about every 6 weeks) always bring new musical surprises, as we are at our most comfortable in this amazing venue we’ve been at the last 3 years.
Time: 9:00pm  Admission: no cover!  Band Website
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  1. Katies Song - soprano solo from new release "Days, Months, Years" The Mark Zaleski Band 4:15
  2. Mark In The Park - from new release “Days, Months, Years” The Mark Zaleski Band 9:18
  3. ...and Danced The Mark Zaleski Band 3:54
  4. The Moon Mark Zaleski 5:05
  5. In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning Mark Zaleski 4:21
  6. Your Attention The Mark Zaleski Band 5:50
  7. Duet Suite Preview Mark and Glenn Zaleski 6:17
  8. Time After Time Mark Zaleski 3:30